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aboutus-how-to-closeWe have compiled RIGHT TO THE POINT, RAW, Sales Training Videos on How to Close with over 25 years of experience!

Hundreds of videos viewed World-Wide, you can view the videos for 30 days or for a full 365 days!

View them and practice, watch and put into action!
“Repetition is the Mother of Success!”

We want you to view the videos at your leisure and put the techniques into action so you can improve your sales!

There are TWO TYPES of Video Plans for viewing!

Personal Trainer Videos: The videos are to the point and they are from 1 to 3 minutes each, raw and to the point, so that you can get quick sales tips and get back to closing business immediately!

WhiteBoard Videos: These videos are in a cartoon based structure that include mostly role playing and sales training tips! They are pretty cool to watch and helpful in helping you get closer to your next sale!

View them all for 30 days or 365 days- sign up here! All other places will charge you over $1500 to $3000!

About us:

One of the main sales trainers, George Rodriguez has over 25 years in sales expertise. He started selling life insurance at the age of 17 years old and became of the youngest sales agents in Chicago, Illinois. After getting the door slammed in his face numerous times with a ton of rejection, needless to say, he learned to work through a lot of the objections and excuses of why not to buy and learned to work through them.Insurance sales is one of the hardest services to sell! He did is he did achieve sales and got his license but selling life insurance was a priceless training!

He started working at another sales organization, Presidents Health Club doing one time closes for visitors with a guest pass. This type of sales was extremely high pressure sales because the visitor would come in for a free guest pass and the salesperson would have to convert that visitor into a three-year agreement, on a one-time sales close. At the time, the sales management team would not accept excuses for not closing each deal. It was high pressure sales and they would expect for you to close every single deal. This was a completely new Learning experience but when you really think about it, the customer is there to try out the free pass however, deep down inside they want to become a member. It’s up to you to convince them that they should do it now. Overall, this type of sales is not one of his favorites because it very pushy and high pressure sales but it was a great experience that takes sales to a whole other level. Needless to say, he became one of the top sales at Bally’s Health Club and worked hard in order to achieve results.

Shortly after that experience, he started a service business for offering Irrigation Services to commercial and residential customers. The main role was focused on sales and he developed a solid sales and installation process that was beneficial to all when the customer made a purchase. He closed so much business that he was literally 6 weeks backlogged on the calendar before the installation crew would arrive to the job and piled on the contracts. Believe it or not, sales goals had everything to do with it and discipline ( contained in our Video Membership Plans). He had the business for 10 years and sold it and moved to Los Angeles, California!

He was immediately hired by a Fortune 500 company, Lexi International as a Salesman. There he met many top salespeople selling AT&T products to businesses nationwide. He made top sales in his division out of 150 sales people (Every month they had the Top Salesperson of the month!). He was them promoted to Sales Manager for one of the largest clients in the world, at&t. The owner mentored him for approximately 5 years and gave him an opportunity to create and manage a sales team. He grew the sales team from 1 employee up to 250 plus employees with seven supervisors under his direct report. His sales & management skills were refined based on the daily business experiences that were excelled due to the amount of employees and daily activity. From hire, fire, coach, train, motivate, close and ensure all numbers were made on a daily basis by the team! What and average sales manager would experience in a year, he experienced in a week ( based on 25o headcount). Everyday there was something new to learn in sales, management & leadership! This was truly a major step in the sales & management arena during his career. AT&T wrote a letter of recommendation to George Rodriguez based on having a Top Performing Team!

After five years managing a successful sales team of 250 plus employees, he was the hired by AT&T, Fortune Top 10 company. He continued his career in sales and management and had the opportunity to work with some of the largest accounts in Los Angeles, CA. He was quickly promoted into a sales manager role and to lead a sales team and had top performing teams immediately. After several years in management, there were many new teams that he managed and were always in the Top Rankings!
He also went through many sales training course at at&t, presentations, selling strategies, consultative sales, professional sales, technical sales, etc.  Trained in working with different levels at companies from selling to high level executives, CFO’s, COO, CFO, IT Directors, IT Managers and Office Managers and focused on justifying customers needs, promotions and pricing to acquire the deals.
As a Sales Person and Sales Manager at AT&T, he always overachieved and made his numbers successfully!

The past 25 years, based on sales expertise, he has made six figures every single year ( except during the 2008 recession). This is what the training videos are all about, putting sales techniques that work and to make sure that you Master the techniques!

In these short to the point videos, we will share some really good tips that you can utilize to help increase your sales. We hope you enjoy the videos and are able to utilize a few of the techniques that can help you close more business!


General Sales Information

A little about selling: The foundation in selling are very simple to follow and most will probably say, “Oh, I already know that” but selling has to have a solid foundation for long term success! Always be honest when selling, you have to have the customer trust you and NEVER try to oversell them when you first meet the customer, this will shut the doors for you! Matter of fact, be honest with them and propose exactly what they need!

Selling takes a lot of enthusiasm, passion, drive and discipline if you want to pursue a career in it. You can be the best salesperson in the world but with no enthusiasm, passion, drive and discipline, you will only go so far!

This is why we developed HowToClose.com, we all need a place to get tips, to write questions and to help us to get closer to our next deal! We can help you nourish your selling skills by sharing experiences from others in different industries. We have different types of training techniques that you can use to help you with great tips on closing business that should help you become a better professional salesperson.
Our sales training techniques have proper guidance to teach you how to sell and how to close business. The topics covered are great EBOOKS and general information to facilitate your learning about closing business and getting new customers to buy from you. Sales training is a wide subject and involves usage of many methods and theories and is best to gather information form many sources and put things into practice to see what works bet for you. Attention has also been given in our sales training guide by providing you Ebooks with many different categories that can help you close more business. It is critical in business, if you are involved in sales that you focus on getting results

The website’s services can be accessed by signing up with one time subscription fee. Once you become a member of this site you can access all the services that we are offering that range from Ebooks to online videos that will provide you many tips on how to sell and close business. There are many tips for enhancing your selling skills. Many of the tips provided here are from experienced professionals that have been doing sales and closing business for over 25 years. As a member, you can search what fits your style of selling and remember, there are various aspects of selling and.
The more you practice, the more you study, the more you train on selling methods and techniques, the better you get at selling. Remember, someone will be closing someone, either the customer will close you on why they did not want to buy or you will be closing them on why your product has value and why they should buy. Someone will close someone, it better be you if you want to succeed in sales!
We appreciate you joining and making a purchase today and hope that our tips will help you server future customers in the best way possible. Since there is always room for improvement in this field, we will constantly keep you updated with our tips and Ebooks online so that you can align yourself with the latest trends in the market.”